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Pan Ge Diam

Things to Note:
1. The super Continent of Pangaea has remained unchanged for several millenia. A large group of psychics decided they didn’t want their lands divided over the course a million years and willed it not to happen. Yeah thats right.
2. Larger reptile-like creatures (dinosaurs)rule the land.
3. The use of psychic abilities is prevalent throughout the world. Nearly all sentient beings are psychic in one way or another.
4. Magic is a rare and untrained talent.
5. Humans are bred for tasks and fall into a strict cast system. Humans are used for crafting, security, espionage, farming, and research. As most of the ruling class are to large or don’t have the physical ability to do fine work.

Pan Ge Diam is currently in a state of flux. The Planar Continuum has been disrupted, cracked even. A natural process of repair is occurring that involves the teleportation of heroes, items, and even entire city’s to this realm.

Before the influx of peoples from other realms the Ruling class were revered as “gods” would have been, but since then people’s of other realms trapped in Pan Ge Diam have been praying to only one being of god-like power. He has since been dividing himself into my gods to fill the different roles required by the faithful. The gods are fickle and do as they please.

Home Page

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